NancyMy name is Nancy, I am a native Texan, and I believe that the State Fair of Texas may be one of the most truly magical and purely perfect events to take place in Texas all year long. This year, in honor of the Fair, and because I often find myself explaining to the uninitiated just what it is that makes this phenomenon so blissfully unmissable, I have decided to count down the final 30 days until Opening Day of the Fair (on September 25th) with my 30 Most Favorite Things About the Fair.

You should know right now that most of my 30 Most Favorite Things are food products. When it comes to food at the Fair, I own the place. I plan my attack in advance, make sure to hit the gate with a roaring appetite (I’m a distance runner, so a good long run prior to a Fair visit helps immensely), and work my way down the Midway with a laser focus one should usually reserve for multiple-choice tests and episodes of Lost.

I have to admit that I wasn’t always like this. Sure, I’ve visited the Fair all my life (I grew up in a small town 1 hour south of Dallas), but I did not obtain a full appreciation for it until I became employed by a particularly enlightened organization about ten years ago. The Managing Director of this organization was enough of a genius to realize that Opening Day of the State Fair of Texas should, in fact, be a holiday. So, she made it one (at least, as far as we were concerned). Every year, we took the last Friday of September off and visited the Fair together (with as many of our closest friends as were able to also get the day off from work). And let me tell you — for that group, the Fair is all about eating. They get it, and they successfully trained me to become the expert appreciator I am today.

Enjoy the Countdown, enjoy this year’s State Fair, and remember people, a successful Fair visit is all about PACING. Even though you’ll want to run around like Templeton the rat in your very own version of the Charlotte’s Web nighttime gorging scene, you should take a deep breath, calm down, and focus on your own 30 Most Favorite Things. Because, trust me, 30 is ENOUGH for one visit.

To count down with me (in order), START HERE.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. You got it! I really do not understand how anyone could not love The State Fair of Texas – I mean, really….? The sights, sounds AND smells ! Heaven. So “thank you” Nancy for capturing this; us lovers of all-things Texas State Fair can imbibe throughout the year. And now….the Countdown to 2010 Opening Day is ON!

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